Marie Patrick Historical Romances
Marie Patrick Historical Romances
As with most writers, Marie has had a love affair with words for as long as she can remember. One of her fondest memories is of sitting in a rocking chair with her grandmother, reading "Little Golden" books. As she grew up, Marie read everything she could get her hands on - bookstores and libraries became her favorite places. In Marie's opinion, there is nothing better than curling up in a comfortable chair and reading about far away places, history and ROMANCE and letting her imagination take flight. She will admit to being a romance junkie - from the moment she scoped out her first historical novel, saved up her babysitting money, and bought it, she wanted to be those women and live in those times and experience every ounce of romance she could.
The love affair has not stopped - in fact, it has grown over the years. On a trip to Arizona, where she now makes her home, Marie became inspired by the sometimes desolate yet beautiful landscape. She began to envision what it would be like to live in the past, when the west was untamed, when the good guys wore white hats, and the saloon girls always had hearts of gold. Marie says her romance with the west began with her first sunset over a sea of saguaro cacti but her inspiration doesn't just come from the wild west. It comes from history itself. She is fascinated with pirates. Sailing ships. Trains. Men in uniform (or out of uniform). And lawmen with shiny badges.
So come along with Marie and see for yourself what makes history sizzle.
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