Marie Patrick Historical Romances
Marie Patrick Historical Romances
Reviews for Mischief and Magnolias
From the Library Journal
It’s the middle of the Civil War in 1863 Natchez, Mississippi where Union Army Major Remington Harte has declared the home and steamboats of Shaelyn Cavanaugh as the new base for he and his men. Shaelyn has already given up so much for the war, including her brother and fiance whose whereabouts are still unknown, so sacrificing the beloved property Shae and her mother Brenna have worked so hard to maintain is the last straw.
The spunky Shae’s devious actions to rattle Harte only make him find her all the more endearing, and she eventually gives into the lust that has plagued her since Harte’s arrival.
When one of their steamers is attacked costing the lives of many of their men, Quartermaster Vince Davenport suspects Shae might be behind it, especially since no one else knew of their mission. Harte doesn’t want believe the doubts Davenport has now planted in his head, but has Shae been duping him all along in effort to sabotage the Union Army’s efforts?
Patrick (A Treasure Worth Keeping) infuses her story with a cunning female protagonist who will do whatever it takes to save the man she loves. Plenty of intrigue, romance and a unforeseen plot twist near the end will captivate the audience of this spirited tale; enthusiastically recommended.
From Marilyn Rondeau, for
Marie Patrick is a new author for me and I am stating right from the start – I truly enjoyed MISCHIEF AND MAGNOLIAS. Anytime I can read something that weaves a great love story with actual historical events I am always pleased and with this we had not only a great period of history with the Civil War, but a lovely romance with some fun escapades and a bit of a mystery stirred in to boot. I truly enjoyed both Shae and Remy, although I was somewhat surprised at Shae’s resistance against the Union (Yankees) since both her brother and her fiancé had joined the Union rather than the Confederate armies. I could understand how she didn’t appreciate the Union coming in and taking over her steamships and home, but thought under the circumstances Ms. Patrick went overboard with the angst but that is only my opinion, and it didn’t hamper the story in any way which I thought was great. As far as the mystery and knowing who the mole/spy was, the author didn’t keep the secret very well and it was easy to figure out and was part of the reason I lowered my rating. (I like surprises) However, Ms. Patrick did keep one big one and it was kind of a doozy, so the rating went back up. Bottom line: A new author and a great little story – good humor and lovely romances!
Review for A Good Man for Katie
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Story Review: This was a very sweet read. It had just enough sensual scenes in it to make it real. The General father seemed very domineering but Katie seemed to have a mind of her own. Katie seems to attract trouble time and time again. She is a sweet girl, bright and smart, but has poor judgment. She has spunk, too, when she stands up to the townspeople. Chase Hunter, Army Captain, was very determined. He was out to find his brother's killer and nothing was stopping him. He was a handsome, hunk of a man with those guns slung low. What woman wouldn't fall for him? Just the thought makes your heart heat up. Enter, Sarge, the funny, brave and loveable dog in the book. Katie's protector? Will Katie make another bad judgment when it comes to Chase? Or will this finally be the right man for her? The author wrote a sweet romance with enough heat in it to intrigue you. There are many wonderful descriptions of the territory and the characters. It seems that the author, Marie Patrick, did a lot of research. The history descriptions on just about everything just places you in the Arizona territory with Katie and Chase. This was a page turner and yet you fly through the pages without realizing it. It's paced, not fast and yet not slow. You don't have to keep going back and re-reading because your attention isn't on the book. You definitely won't want to quit reading until you're done. The book is captivating and I would recommend this book to everyone, even if you're not a Western fan. The author did one fantastic job on writing this book. Hope there are more to come. I rated this book, A GOOD MAN for KATIE by Marie Patrick, 4 1/2 TUBS.
Reviews for Angel in the Moonlight
5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews - Reviewed by Cheryl
Angel in the Moonlight has everything you want in a book. It consists of adventure, deception, romance, a hero and a heroine, justice, and a happy ending. Callie's stubbornness and determination makes her someone all women can relate to. Kincaide is a no nonsense kind of guy but also a protector to Callie. I enjoyed the fact that Callie helped play an enormous part in bringing justice to her family's killers. This book was such a joy to read that I was sad when it ended. I look forward to checking out more stories by Marie Patrick.
Recommended Read from Simply Romance Reviews - Reviewed by Melisa
I loved the way that Callie was independent and that she let no man run over her, not a U.S. Marshal, even if he is her husband. And though Austin had once lost love, he finally opened his eyes and realized that he had something priceless right under his nose and grabbed it before that elusive gift was lost once more. Passionate and in places heartbreaking, Angel in the Moonlight is a great read.
3 Stars from - Reviewed by Debra
Angel in the Moonlight is a romance with a plot twist at the end. Austin and Callie have chemistry from the beginning. The action is non-stop. Fans of romance will not want to miss Angel in the Moonlight.
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